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By combining the best business minds in the region with first-class, award-winning networking events, you will see the rewards as soon as you become a member. A small yearly fee will expand your network instantly as you will be joining other hungry local businesses who all share the same goals, to grow and make Mansfield and Ashfield a better place to do business.

Business can be tough at times but you will be joining hundreds of other businesses across a wide range of sectors who all come together to help and promote each other.

The only thing missing from our excellent community is you!

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2020 Basic

If you are a local business join us for free, you get…

  • Basic directory listing
  • 1 free face to face networking meeting
  • Option to attend 2 further meetings
  • Get up to date local business news
  • Access additional business support events
2020 Annual Membership

One small membership fee gives you…

  • Premium directory listing
  • Award-winning networking*
  • Support from our member community
  • Connect with local business leaders
  • Additional VIP event access
  • Online marketing for your brand
  • Exclusive member promotions
  • Discounted event access
  • Unique sponsorship opportunities
  • Weekly newsletter representation
  • Free access to online learning
  • A voice to shape your local economy

*additional fees apply

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