Together we mean business

Supporting investment in Mansfield & Ashfield

Getting inspiration from people just like you to help grow your business and help forge strong networks to benefit local communities.
  • 170 heads are better than one. By joining our members, you can benefit from the combined expertise and knowledge to help you solve problems, get ideas and develop strategies to grow and prosper.
  • Get connected with some of the best networking events the region has to offer and give your business a great start to the day. You invest the time, we will deliver first-class events.
  • Alerts and updates on the latest grants available, our knowledgable community will help you access the funds you need, when you need them so you can focus on becoming the very best you can.
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What do we offer to our members?

Become one of us

There are many benefits to membership, new ideas, a first-class support network and a collection of new connections that will help you grow your business and improve productivity are just a few.

Better connected

We have members covering lots of different sectors, so we are sure you will fit in perfectly to our networking events. All our members share one goal, to become a better version of themselves in a friendly but focussed environment.

Support for growth

Our primary goal is to help you grow, so we will alert you to all the support available in the region. As a member you will get information delivered to you so that you can be first to take up these opportunities.

But I HATE networking….
Friendly but focused

Not all networking events are the same! We  reach out to all sectors to provide a balanced room with lots of different experience.

A time for business

Our events are scheduled at different times to fit with your working day, they are a time for you to grow!

Gaining new skills

We understand that networking does not come naturally to everyone, but here’s a secret, we were all the same at the beginning!

A winning team

A room full of people all with one goal… to help and support you and others in the room to be the very best they can be all flourishing together.

Featured Businesses

Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 is a key organisation in helping to raise the prospects and aspirations of the local area.

It provides a powerful voice for business innovation and regeneration. It connects all of the key people within the community whether from public or private sector to make a real difference.

Louise Knott,

Vice Principal: Vision West Nottinghamshire College

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