Mansfield District Council is preparing to submit its Investment Plan to secure its allocation of £3m from the government for projects to support businesses and communities over the next three years.

The government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) would be used for community projects, business support and to promote new skills and employment opportunities.

It will also help to deliver the aspirations in the Making Mansfield strategy which sets out council aims and ambitions between now and 2030.

The Plan envisages that the council would deliver some projects itself, some via partners and commissioning, and others through grass-roots activity, targeted towards priority areas and themes, and carried out in collaboration with community groups and partners. 

The council is expecting its Plan to be approved in the autumn and for work to start later this year and over the subsequent two years.

Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams said: “The Shared Prosperity Fund replaces EU funding streams previously available to Mansfield.

“The government expects the Plan to reflect the three national priorities of community and place, supporting local business and people and skills, and we will ensure that local needs are to the fore.

“Our aim is to target this support to areas of greatest need to support long-term fundamental change, growth and regeneration in our priority neighbourhoods and to open up opportunities across the district.

“We anticipate that the community impact could be enhanced through a community grants programme, supporting capacity at a local level and enabling groups to bring forward local solutions.

“We will be working with our partners and delivery agencies to bring forward additional business support which, enhanced by investment in people and skills, will encourage quality employment and training opportunities – and ultimately growth for Mansfield.”

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