Although the UK government has been preparing for Brexit since the 2016 EU referendum, there is still much to do.
This year’s Brexit Conference will review what sweeping changes 1st January 2021 will bring for UK businesses, what measures can be taken to prepare for those changes, and, delve into what future trading conditions might look like. With all the latest updates, tips and take-aways this year’s Conference is a must for all those looking to continue, or prepare, to trade overseas.
With a host of live streamed webinar sessions, keynote speakers and case studies, this virtual Conference is a must for:

  • Businesses who trade internationally
  • Customs agents and anyone within the business who is responsible for getting and completing the correct export documentation
  • Personnel who administer the documentation, sales, purchasing, despatch, logistics, Freight Forwarders and companies embarking into the export world

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