members County Battery Services were invited to share their continuous improvement methods with a global audience through AME Connect (Association for Manufacturing Excellence) as part of Paul Akers 2-second lean tour.
Isaac Fuller, 20, General Manager, took to the virtual screen with Paul Akers, world renowned author of many continuous improvement and lean manufacturing books including the 2-second lean book which inspired Richard Fullers initial journey into continuous improvement.
Isaac shared a process they use called the Kamishibai board, which they had seen on a visit to Japan. The board is used to help staff identify daily and weekly tasks. The board uses titled cards with ‘how to links’ created using QR codes which staff members can visit to either learn or refresh themselves on a task rather than having to ask another member of staff. This helps to save time and ensure that tasks are completed in a standard format.
Paul Akers was rather impressed with this system as it was something he had never heard of and Isaac explained the idea had originated during the depression to help boost morale, the concept was then developed into the storyboard mode which is the system used by County Battery.
The system has resulted in savings in both time and money as well as allowing potential issues to be identified quickly and dealt with efficiently.
The 30-minute video below is worth a watch as you can identify how continuous improvement can be implemented in any business.
Part two will follow on Wednesday 1st September. The focus this time will be around how to inspire and develop your staff and Paul has stated that he has never seen this undertaken in any organisation and is amazed at how well it works. Book your place here.


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