A hospitality student from West Nottinghamshire College joined police officers and community heroes on stage at an special awards ceremony on 21 November to receive formal recognition for an act of compassion.

Harvey Clipston, from Kirkby-in-Ashfield received a Chief Constable’s commendation in the Nottinghamshire Police Force Awards event, after coming to the aid of an elderly lady in distress.

Earlier this year, Harvey, had been making his way home after helping out a neighbour, when he was faced with a lady in her 70s sitting on a wall and seemed to be unwell.

Harvey, 17, said: “The lady looked like she was struggling to breathe so I decided to stop and spoke to her. Then she fell backwards into the garden and went into cardiac arrest.”

This is when Harvey’s put his first aid skills into action, which he’d learnt at school some years before.

He immediately put her onto her side and cleared her airways, then Harvey ran and knocked on the door of the house adjacent to where the lady had fallen. Paramedics later attended the scene, but sadly the lady passed away.

Throughout the ordeal, Harvey was determined to attempt CPR and to remain by her side, saying: ““I wanted to stay with her as I didn’t want to think of her being alone. To know I’d tried to help was very important.”

It was because of this event that Harvey was nominated for a Chief Constable’s Commendation, inviting him to the annual Police Force Awards.

The awards recognised 30 officers who have gone above and beyond to help make Nottinghamshire a safer place to live, work and visit.

Six members of the public, including Harvey, also received commendations for showing bravery and heroism in emergency situations.

Chief Superintendent Sukesh Verma, who presented the awards ceremony, told the audience: “For a 17-year-old, Harvey displayed compassion far beyond his years and it is clear he has a deep, caring nature.

“He had his own life to live and a home to get to after work, but he was aware that someone was in need and stood up as member of the community.

“He came to a complete stranger’s aid and, for that, is fully deserving of this commendation.”

After last night’s celebrations, Harvey said: “It felt strange hearing my story being told and going up on stage, but equally it felt good because I have achieved something I never thought I would.

“I felt proud to have my fiancé, mum and auntie with me on the night and I won’t ever forget this incident and being able to comfort Janet in her final moments.”

Images courtesy of Nottinghamshire Police

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