Established Since 1991
Frank eXchange Limited

Frank eXchange Limited

Business Name: Frank eXchange Limited
About The Business:

Frank eXchange saves companies and individuals money on their foreign exchange and international payments by providing a transparent, simple, and efficient foreign exchange service.

Companies who import or export, have parent or subsidiaries overseas, or overseas payroll or expenses.

Individuals that own property overseas or have retired overseas and need their pensions exchanging and paying to their local bank.

Anyone or any company that needs to transact in foreign exchange.

Our unique service difference is the complete transparency as we show all the charges that your bank and other providers hide in their rate.

Frank eXchange transparent, simple and efficient foreign exchange.

Business Address: 4 Cross Street, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2NX
Phone Number: 0115 963 2258
Twitter: @FrankeXchange2 ‏
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