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Mansfield and Ashfield Business Funding

2020 are at the forefront of funding opportunities and we make it our mission to explain the opportunities in comprehensive terms and keep informed on behalf of the business community.

Access to Free Money

There is £21 million of European money available for businesses trading in Mansfield and Ashfield for the next 12 months or possibly less. If businesses don’t spend it – it’ll get sent back!

Mansfield and Ashfield is the hub for growing SME’s within the East Midlands and by highlighting funding opportunities 2020 are signposting resources what will help businesses put their development plans in place, expand their workforce or invest in innovation, capital or digital growth.

The majority of SME’s have a desire to grow their business but either finance or lack of business advice support prevents them from either putting the plans into place or delays them. By highlighting a diverse range of funding opportunities 2020 are hoping to inspire businesses to explore and take action.

2020 knows and understands that funding enables businesses to bring forward plans and growth.

Download our free Access to Free Money guide. Or contact us for further guidance:

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