After serving for three years on the M&A 2020 board as Chair, the time has come for me to step down and allow the next stage of the journey to be undertaken by someone else.

The Mansfield & Ashfield area as I have said many times during the last three years is very resilient and will bounce back, however, businesses will need more and more support and as such fresh faces and fresh ideas will be welcomed as the local economy strives to recover from the pandemic. 

I have been proud to represent the M&A 2020 board, the membership and the local business communities as Chair since September 2019 and feel that even when faced with the issues raised by the pandemic, between us all we have done an exceptional job in doing what I consider we are becoming renowned for: that being business support and business/academia collaboration, not simply a great breakfast club.

The M&A 2020 brand now reaches much further than it has for some time, due to the number of organisations we are currently engaged with in terms of support to business, skills and enterprise and the wider communities of Mansfield & Ashfield that we serve.

The challenges faced have been met with enthusiasm and the want for our respective areas to thrive and for as swift an economic recovery as is practicable.

I wish to thank Jane Box for undertaking the breakfast club presentation work, being the co-presenter of the annual awards and most recently the work involved with the Women in Business group.

My sincere thanks are extended to the board, for their efforts and support.

And finally, my utmost respect and thanks go to our Director of Operations, Ella McManus who has worked tirelessly to help and support us all.  

I will now focus my efforts on the Digital Poverty Campaign being run by The Musketeers CIC, a community interest company which I founded alongside Martin Rigley and Katie Cooper-Lewis at the beginning of 2021. Alongside this I will continue to work on initiatives that encourage businesses and academia to work together for the improvement of skills and increased opportunities for the young people in our area.

I wish all the best for the future of Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 and the many fantastic businesses across the area.

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