As a number of businesses bring back their employees into a somewhat different workplace than the ones they left, it is easy to understand some of the problems both business owners and their employees face.
Now is a time to seek out those leaders who go the extra mile and who do everything in their power to support their teams, in order to applaud their efforts in challenging times.
It is time also, to recognise many business owners would never have envisaged this type of issue would and could affect their business and people in the manner to which we have unfortunately become accustomed too.
In an attempt to support the membership and local business community as a whole, M&A 2020 are to begin a series of Q&A sessions. This will begin on Thursday June 4th, where members who are very knowledgeable in their field will attempt to guide the local business community through some of the issues related to the return to work and HR.
We are canvassing the membership and the wider business community in order to be able to set up a series of events which will help supplement the amount of information signposting we have carried out and indeed are still doing.
We continue to be fully committed to supporting both Ashfield District Council & Mansfield District Council with their business support initiatives as well as our own bespoke sessions.
M&A 2020 held their first online networking event on the 13thMay, which went very well. We intend to hold a number of online events over the coming weeks in order to get businesses talking to each other and for them to pick up useful tips and information.
As always, we ask those who participated to give us ideas on how to improve and give an even better experience. For those who were not involved I would encourage you to do so next time around. Please look out for the invitations in your emails.
The PPE campaign #ppe4nhs which I wholeheartedly continue to support topped 100,000 items recently and is still live should anyone know of businesses who still could help.
Contact [email protected]or [email protected]please.
The visor making in the region never ceases to amaze me as businesses have produced over 350,000 with combined efforts. Truly amazing.
The work done by many businesses, furloughed staff and charities should not go without recognition either. Their efforts have significantly helped the vulnerable in both Mansfield & Ashfield. A big thank you to all involved.
I would ask anyone with questions surrounding the forthcoming June lockdown restriction release to get in touch with M&A 2020, ADC/MDC and the three local MPs Ben Bradley, Lee Anderson and Mark Spencer to ensure your voice is heard, the most appropriate advice is received and that collaboratively we all begin the long road to rebuilding the local economy together.
We are still looking for more M&A 2020 members too. So, if you wish to get involved then contact Ella at [email protected]. The larger the group, the louder our voice.
Be safe
Gary Jordan
Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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