This week saw M&A 2020 member experts once again answering those tricky questions around getting workplaces COVID safe and how to work with employees in order to be sympathetic and practical when restarting or increasing the workforce numbers in the workplace.
Nicky Silver & Adam Wade were the consummate professionals in their delivery of the presentations and the answers.
We are already geared up for sessions in June and July so if you have any burning questions then do get involved. The more businesses who engage the more each gain from the experience.
We will run our next Expert Q&A session with Rod Fuller of Action Coach on 23rdJune and will focus on how all businesses could benefit from preparing and managing their cash flow forecasting.
We also held our first JUST Networking event this week which again was received well by the attendees.
Our next JUST networking session will be held on Tuesday 16thJune at 12.30pm.
As we look towards the end of month breakfast networking event with Rosie Smith from the Bank of England talking to us about the state of the economy and the forthcoming events in July, I would ask all members to continue to work with us and to become vocally involved. It would be very nice too if you could bring along a friend.
As the Government continues to review business support packages, we seek out those of you who have still struggled for whatever reason so that we can be the collaborative voice of the region.
By raising these issues, we have been informed that at local and regional level there are still Business Growth Fund pots available that may be of use to some of our businesses. Should this be the case then get in touch so we can signpost you.
Next week may well see more signs of easement from the lockdown restrictions with a particular view towards what is happening during July.
And as such we need to continue to focus on how we can work together to support each other through the early stages of business ramp ups. Strong but empathetic leadership is required, information is available to help, M&A 2020 business expertise is here for you.
For any information visit our website (be mindful we are upgrading) or contact the addresses below.
[email protected] or [email protected].
And finally, I again applaud and thank every person doing the extra piece of volunteer work, the helping of the vulnerable and the supporting of family and friends.
One example being our very own Elizabeth Orridge who is very close to her £1000 target for the John Hospice. Monies generated from making and now selling wash bags and PPE.
If you know anyone who is worthy of a shout out let us know so we give them due recognition.
Have a great weekend.
Gary Jordan
Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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