Here at Mansfield and Ashfield 2020, we are always looking for ways to improve the services we offer to our members.

As businesses we often find that our email boxes are full of information and working through it can be quite time consuming.

We have been sending weekly newsletters to our members for many years and the information is useful for keeping up to date with what is happening in your local area.

The content delivers relevant business news such as local grants, funding initiatives or free business support as well as members updates. We also keep you up to date on any community news, whether that’s in the form of local initiatives or projects that the business community may want to get involved in and update you with good news such as the community work done by our local businesses.

To improve the relevance of the content we send you, we have decided to reduce the frequency of the newsletters we send.

From now on we will send a bi-monthly update and the content will be split as follows:

First Friday of the month – Business News

  • Member Spotlights
  • Member to member offers
  • Local council updates
  • Business Support and funding

Third Friday of the month – Community News

  • Local initiatives to improve the community
  • Education and skills news
  • Business CSR initiatives
  • General good news stories

We will continue to post the news stories on our social media pages when they are first sent through, and the newsletter will be a roundup of the news from the last month. Any information that is time sensitive will be sent via an e-shot so that you can act quickly if you need to.

Please continue to send your press releases and any other items you feel may be of interest to the local business community. If you need help with writing a press release, please email us and we will be in touch with further information.

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