A website that encourages responsible ownership of dogs has gone from zero to more than four million page views and 300,000 users in less than seven months, thanks to a Mansfield-based web design agency.
Forever Puppy was the joint idea of a group of dog breeders and friends who all wanted to ensure a safe place for sellers and buyers alike. They wanted to create an online dog marketplace and community where ethical breeders and sellers could list their puppies or dogs to help find their forever home and where buyers could feel confident when buying a new dog or puppy.
Copper Bay, owned by Mansfield-based digital marketing expert Chris Morledge and with offices at Ransom Wood, was asked to create “an immersive and enjoyable experience for users”, build a community and raise brand awareness. Chris and his team developed a website with an easy-to-use content management system, organised an online ad campaign, implemented a social media marketing programme, and also created content. As a result of Copper Bay’s work, the website has within seven months generated 300,000 users, and 3.9 million pageviews.
Adverts placed on the site are checked by the Forever Puppy staff, who have complete access to the inner workings of the site.
Chris said: “We were excited to take this business idea from a seed and grow it into something quite amazing. It’s been wonderful to watch the stats on users grow and grow, and brilliant to see the community expand. Copper Bay has built a new user-friendly platform and supported Forever Puppy with all of their marketing activities which has led to millions of page views and a successful business in just a few months.”And he added: “Most of all, we know that people using the website whether to buy or sell, are adhering to standards that all pet owners and sellers should have.”
A spokesperson for Forever Puppy, said: “The work of Copper Bay has been amazing. The whole team has grasped what we wanted to do, and why, and taken time to create a website that works for us as a company and people who use it.“The implementation of social media and digital marketing strategies has been immense, and they have achieved outstanding statistics in next to no time.”For more about Copper Bay, visit https://www.copperbaydigital.co.uk/

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