As the weather warms up, more people take to exercising outdoors and for one group of ladies at West Nottinghamshire College they’re looking to walk almost a thousand miles this month!
Six members of the college’s human resources team have got their walking shoes ready to raise money for Cancer Research UK – with the challenge of walking 10,000 steps each a day.
The team, who are based in the fifth floor offices, have made a head-start already with racking up the steps by going up and down stairs, and getting out and about this weekend.
HR business partner Sian Geeson said: “As a team we decided to raise money for a good cause as each of us has been affected by cancer in our families or friends, so we knew Cancer Research UK was going to be our charity of choice.
“Our challenge of walking 10,000 steps each every day in March, means we’ll each be covering approximately five miles a day. It will be hard being office-based during the week, but we’re already using the stairs more and going to see people in person rather than ringing them on the phone. It’s really good exercise too using our lunchtimes for walking together.”
Each of the ladies has a device for tracking their progress and some are even committing to more exercise to build up their stamina for the breath-taking challenge, which, if completed will see them having walked a collective 930 plus miles by 31 March!

Sian added: “We would love for everyone to back our challenge and keep us motivated and help us achieve our £600 goal, by sponsoring us at
HR co-ordinator Lisa Kimberley added: “I’ve taken on more gym classes to stay more active and this weekend I’ve managed to get more than 10,000 steps in each day so I’m really positive and determined!”

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