The Business Investment Fund forms part of the D2N2 Growth Hub offer, which exists to help businesses find the support they need to grow and evolve. The Business Investment Fund allows the Growth Hub to offer direct support to SMEs to achieve their aspirations for growth. This fund will see a total of £6m of funding invested into the D2N2 economy between 2019 and 2022.
The D2N2 Business Investment Fund aims to support growing businesses to improve competitiveness, productivity and their ability to take advantage of commercial opportunities.
Projects will be invited to the Full Application stage if they pass compliance and eligibility checks. This fund will remain open to applications until all funding has been committed but phases of funding will be made available via timebound calls for projects.
Administered by Nottingham City Council (the “Grant Managing Authority”) as the accountable body for the Growth Hub project.
Grant Amount & Match Funding

Please note:
Business Investment Fund available to B2B businesses with step-change investment projects of £10K+ (excluding VAT). 
Consultancy, technology and equipment covered. 
All projects need to complete before 31 December 2021. 
We are particularly keen on obtaining interest from manufacturers with large investment projects. 
The grant contributes 35% up to a maximum of £30K.  Eligibility criteria apply. 

Grants are available to fund 35% of the total project cost (excluding VAT). The minimum grant available is £3,500 and the maximum grant is £30,000.

  • You will be expected to fund and evidence 100% of the project cost upfront from your own resources.
  • Up to 35% will then be reimbursed to you by way of a grant award. Ultimately, you will have match funded 65% of the total project cost (excluding VAT).

All funding decisions will be at the discretion of the Grant Panel.
You must:

  • Be an SME.
  • Be located in the areas of Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.
  • Employ less than 250 full time equivalent (FTE) employees.
  • Have either a turnover of less than or equal to €50m or a balance sheet of less than or equal to €43m at the time of full application.
  • Have been trading for at least 12 months at the time of application.
  • Fund and evidence 100% of the project cost upfront from your own resources, ultimately providing 65% match yourself. You must not use European Union funding as a contribution to your 65% match.
  • Not make any project purchases using personal credit cards, cash or cheques as these are not an eligible payment method.
  • Have a project valued between £10,000 and £85,000.
  • Compliantly procure all items for which grant funding is requested in accordance with procurement rules.
  • Complete an Expression of Interest Form.

Follow this link to find out more and apply

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