‘Hybrid Selling – How salespeople can use a complete approach to drive opportunities in the new world of sales’ launched on 20January 2022 and went straight to #1 on Amazon

Author Fred Copestake explains:

“I wrote Hybrid Selling because salespeople need it.

It’s publication has come quite quickly after that of my first book ‘Selling Through Partnering Skills’

This was written to help sales professionals appreciate the evolution selling is going through and develop a more modern approach to winning business.

But who could predict what would happen in 2020?

The global pandemic had an effect on the world of sales like pressing the ‘fast forward button’.

Things we expected to become quite important in selling have now become critical.

The pace of change is speeding up and salespeople who don’t keep up are in danger of becoming irrelevant to their customers and surplus to requirements.

Customers and more demanding yet more confused, the types and techniques of selling can be overwhelming and change itself becomes increasingly difficult to understand and adapt to.

I realised I was in a position to serve the sales profession by using my expertise built up over 23 years as a consultant travelling the world understanding the challenges of selling. I was abble to offer a way of codifying the elements required to be successful.

And so the EVOLVE Framework was developed.

It was key to offer this fast so I committed to an intense writing schedule to produce a resource to make the thinking as accessible as possible to salespeople.

As such Harry and Larry were born. Two sales guys whose story was designed to resonate with readers who will have experienced similar circumstances. They discover hybrid selling.

The rest of the book focuses on unpacking the elements and offering advice on how to implement the best practice

My ethos on selling is that it should be ‘good people doing good things in a good way’. This is my way of contributing to this”

The EVOLVE Framework explores
– The essentials of selling as a foundation for winning business

– The virtual selling techniques and innovative tools that can give you an edge

– How to manage sales opportunities based on delivering outcomes

– Why salespeople must embrace the skill of leading customers

– What value really is and how to create it with – and for – customers

– The key elements needed to expand meaningful business relationships

Fred Copestake is founder of Brindis a sales training consultancy. Since 1999 he has worked with thousands of salespeople in thirty-six countries and continues to offer training and development to encourage salespeople to refine their approach and be more collaborative

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