Hopkins Solicitors in partnership with Stopfords Associates and Hampshire Hill are holding their 3rd (of 4) free seminars to help guide business owners and directors through their full business life-cycle; including start-up phase, sudden growth, acquisitions and lastly exit strategies and succession planning.

Chapter 3: Planning a Business Merger or Acquisition

Are you considering buying another business via a future merger or acquisition? Our overall goal is to help you uncover what your real motivation is, ensuring your desired outcome is achievable. We will then to help you ask the right questions, value the business accurately and understand the full process so you can plan this project from start to finish, avoiding costly and time consuming mistakes.
Hopkins has recently grown via two acquisitions, so we can give you real life examples of how it can go smoothly and successfully, alternatively what steps are easily overlooked during this busy time. In addition, we’ll shed light on the human side, the emotional highs and lows through the process and the importance of having a strong team around you.

Topics covered:

  • How to value the business – make sure you know exactly ‘what is in their tin’; Brian Stopford, Stopford Associates
  • The legal process;Tom Stendall, Hopkins Solicitors
  • Making sure the people are the right cultural fit & TUPE Employment Law; Danielle Wright, Hopkins Solicitor
  • Communication is key: Informing current staff, new staff, your customers, their customers and the press; Tammy Butler, Marketing Professional
  • What new assets are you acquiring and what will you do with them?; Richard Hampshire, Hampshire Hill Financial Advisors
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