Could your business benefit from new 5G technologies? Why not participate in some research that explores the potential opportunities of this technology for businesses like yours across Nottinghamshire.
Based in and around the ancient historic woodlands of Sherwood Forest, the 5G Connected Forest programme is led by Nottinghamshire County Council in partnership with academic researchers and local businesses. The programme focuses on how 5G technology could support the tourism, environmental protection, and other wider industry sectors in Nottinghamshire.
Nottinghamshire County Council have commissioned independent research agency Habit5, who are accredited as a Company Partner by the Market Research Society (MRS), to conduct a series of Zoom Focus Groups with senior contacts in businesses like yours between 27th and 29th July 2021. Each group will last no more than 90 minutes.
As a thank you for participating, each individual taking part in a Focus Group, will receive an Amazon e-voucher worth £60.
To register your interest in participating in one of the Zoom Focus Groups, please click on the link below. We very much hope that you feel able to take part and explore how 5G could transform your business.
If you have any questions regarding this focus group, please contact
[email protected]

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