Sarah McNicol is helping people create their thrilling new chapter, we start by looking deep inside. That’s where the insights that yield the juiciest results lie.
As we approach 2020 we’re moving towards not only a new year but a new decade. It’s a powerful moment to look inside; to reflect and learn from 2019, to connect with what matters most to you, and get clear about your desires and intentions for the future.
Visioning Day is a beautiful opportunity to do just that. I’ll guide you through a series of simple practical exercises to connect with your hopes, dreams and ambitions and develop a vision that will support you, to have more of the experiences you desire in 2020 and less of those you don’t want.
You don’t need any special skill, knowledge or prior experience to join in. Come as you are.
This fundraiser charity event is priced at just £25 to cover venue, equipment and material costs (I am donating my time to facilitate the day). All surplus will go to the More To Life Foundation:
Coffee and teas will be provided.
Please bring savory or sweet food to conribute towards a shared lunch.
Email [email protected] or by phone on 07740068145 with any questions.

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