Recruiting new staff can be a timely and costly process for your company, completing the job spec, deciding on the right skills, shortlisting candidates etc. So, it’s no wonder that the thought of hiring a potentially untrained individual can be even more daunting, yet many local employers often do this through local apprenticeship schemes and have great success!
We asked local business owners to tell us why they hire apprentices, and once they have hired one, why they continue to hire more!
The benefits are clear, you find committed, eager to learn staff and you get to learn things that you may not have known yourself.
Two of our employers agreed to tell us more…take a look at the videos below to find out why they make hiring apprentices a key part of their strategy.You may be unsure of how to go about finding the support you need to begin the process of finding and hiring apprentices. To help you get started we will be holding a virtual showcase with local apprenticeship training providers at the beginning of March.
Take a look here for more information.

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