Ashfield District Council have been carrying out a clean-up around the alleyways of Carsic estate in Sutton.
Street cleansing crews have been out clearing litter, dog mess, weeds and moss from alleyways across the estate as part of the Council’s commitment to keeping our streets cleaner.
Cllr John Smallridge, Councillor for Carsic said “For the past couple days our street cleansing crews have been out on Carsic estate cleaning some of the alleyways.  Following feedback from residents the team has worked hard to clear litter, weeds and moss making the alleyways more accessible for all.
“This is just part of our commitment to making Ashfield a cleaner and greener place to live, work and visit.”
The Council’s street cleansings crews work seven days a week, litter picking, weed spraying, road sweeping, empting litter bins and clearing alleyways.
During March 80% of our Environmental requests were street cleansing requests. The team have emptied Ashfields 1200 litter bins over 22k times during lockdown.
Cllr Tom Hollis, Deputy Leader and Councillor for Sutton said “The Street Cleansing crews are some of the unsung heroes of the Council and I personally want to thank them for all their hard work. They work all year round to keep our streets and pathways clean.
“Through lock down they have been busier than ever. We’ve found that over the past few months many of the street litter bins were being filled with domestic waste, which is not what the bins are intended for. So, I just want to take this opportunity to remind residents that street bins are for litter and disposing of domestic waste should be done responsibly.”
Waste collected from street litter bins is taken to be repurposed for energy through our partnership with Veolia.

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