NIDAS are testing a new approach to engaging with people through a breakfast briefing to share a brew and a croissant whilst finding out more about the services they deliver. Services and organisations are stretched across Nottinghamshire so finding time to attend events and meetings in the daytime is often tricky for most professionals and agencies so they wanted to try something a bit different.
The launch is aimed primarily at professionals, agencies and organisations working across Mansfield and Ashfield who work with the children, young people and families. It will provide them with more knowledge about NIDAS’ approach and greater awareness about the services that are available to people locally. Attendees will also get hands on by taking part in an activity that NIDAS do with children which will help reinforce their model of delivery and they will also be able to take away the item as a memento of the morning.
NIDAS were recently successful in applying to BBC Children in Need and have been awarded £116,316 over the next 3 years to continue delivering and developing a project aimed at children and young people aged 5 – 12 years old who have experienced some form of domestic violence or abuse within their family. Statistics tell us that 1-in-5 children have been exposed to domestic abuse and over half of these have been directly abused or neglected by their parent/guardian. They are more likely to display behavioural and emotional difficulties compared to their peers from non-abusive homes. NIDAS offer a range of age appropriate support services through direct 1-to-1 sessions which include:
– Domestic abuse awareness
– Safety planning and how to stay safe
– Understanding emotions and feelings
– Anger management
– Positive relationships and behaviours
Children tell us they love the sessions as they get to do fun activities which make them feel better, much more happier about things and supported in a safe environment to talk about whatever they want to talk about “I don’t feel pressured to talk about the things I don’t want to. My favourite activities were the worry doll and dream catcher as it helps me with my bad dreams.”
NIDAS are also qualified and trained to deliver the following accredited group workshops – Helping Hands and You and Me; Mum. The first focuses on the child’s feelings, emotions and relationships, and the latter supports parents/carers to understand the impact of abuse on their child.
A parent told NIDAS the huge difference they had made to their child following support “Since accessing NIDAS, Oska has started to respect boundaries more and is a lot calmer at home. He struggles less with difficult situations and uses the different techniques he’s learned in sessions to help him when he’s feeling tense. Oska used to struggle going to optician appointments, and would often take a long time to go through the appointment process. However, he now completes assessments on the first try and concentrates on what the consultant is saying. I have noticed a massive positive change in his behaviour and confidence, and I really appreciate the support he has received as it benefits us all.”
NIDAS accept referrals directly from families, professionals or agencies via our main office number 01623 683 250 or email [email protected].

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