We have now reached the end of the transition period and on 31st December 2020 Britain officially left the E.U.
We have pulled together a few of the key information sources that may impact our local businesses regardless of size below:

Data Protection

Most businesses will fall under data protection laws in the U.K and need to be registered with the ICO.

  • G.D.P.R has been enshrined into U.K law so all requirements remain the same.
  • It is important that you check with any digital providers you may use (such as a hosted CRM system) that your data is being held under the correct requirements in accordance with U.K law and if you have customers in the E.U the laws that govern data there.

You can find out more information and a number of tools and webinars to help you remain compliant by taking a look at the ICO’s dedicated hub here
There is also a great article on the FSB’s website that may help you understand the rules further.

Moving Goods

If you import or export goods, then there will be a number of changes that will affect you such as tariffs and possible border delays.
D2N2 are running a webinar to help you understand any export documentation you will need. You can book your place here
HMRC have also created some documentation that will help you understand how the changes may affect you and those can be found on the government website
HMRC also have a number of useful videos on their Youtube channel that will help and they are continuing to run a number of webinars that can all be found on the Gov.uk website
The East Midlands Chamber are also running a number of events to help you – a full list can be found here

Employees from the EU

If you already employ staff from the E.U and they were resident in the U.K before 31st December 2020 then they will need to apply to the E.U settlement scheme. There is a guide for employers to help their staff understand the new rules here
Nicky Silver HR has also provided a bit more information to help you understand the rules on her website
If you intend to employ staff from the E.U after the 31st December 2020 then you will need to follow the guidance here

Travelling to the E.U

Whether for business or pleasure there are a few new rules that everyone will need to be aware of such as health care cover and GB stickers on vehicles if you intend to drive in the E.U.
There may also be other requirements such as Visa’s and work permits if you intend to work in the E.U for a period of time.
The information on the government website is split into two sections:
All types of travel – which everyone will need to know regardless of purpose
Business travel – these are the rules in addition to the above

Manufactured Goods for resale in the E.U/ U.K

You will need to make sure that your goods have the correct conformity markings to allow them to be sold either here in the U.K if you import or the E.U if you export.
Further information can be found on the following links:
Manufactured goods for sale in the E.U
Manufactured goods for sale in the U.K

Purchasing Chemicals from the E.U

If your organisation uses any specific chemicals purchased directly from the E.U then you will need to complete some documentation to allow you to continue importing these chemicals. Further information can be found here

Intellectual Property Rights

If you hold any trademarks, patents or design rights it would be advisable to check whether you will need to do anything to ensure that you remain protected.
The government have provided a comprehensive guide here

Other Changes 

We have tried to cover the most obvious issues that our business members could potentially face in light of the changes. However, there are many more changes that could be specific to your business.
The East Midlands Chamber have created a comprehensive Brexit Checklist that can be downloaded from their website here. This page also includes links to a number of Brexit readiness events.
The FSB also have a number of valuable resources in their Transition Hub including a checklist that small businesses can complete.
You can also complete the U.K governments Brexit Checker which will provide an individualised list of changes based on the answers you provide

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