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Bridging The Skills Gap in Mansfield and Ashfield

Our business growth survey demonstrated that 57% of local businesses recruit professionally skilled staff. However, more and more business leaders are asking the question ‘do we have the skills locally to be a truly global player to attract inward investment?’

Recognising Local talent

Several reports show our local graduates go and live and work in London. Plenty of graduates go down to London to work, but then realise they want to raise their family elsewhere. As a business community, we all take on the role to keep graduates here in the first place.

Whilst inward investment is important for the local economy big inward investments are actually quite rare. SMEs are where the growth is.
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 is renowned for connecting people and working in partnership with the public and private sector.

Our Mission

It is our mission to create awareness and support young people at every stage: secondary education, apprenticeships and graduates. Our local council is offering funding and incentives for local businesses to recruit apprentices and graduates and interns.

By recruiting young people we are improving the competitiveness of our business community. By harnessing local talent we are ensuring we attract and retain high calibre employees in Mansfield and surrounding area.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University has a dedicated hub to service the needs of the business community.

Their dedicated team will work with you and help you recruit new talent, develop your skills, or the skills of your workforce, provide access to their academic and technical expertise, host regular workshops, events and networking opportunities.

Employer testimonial: ‘Working with Nottingham Trent University means accessing intellectuals with the passion and capability for problem-solving.’ Adam Clarke, Director, Freshcut Foods.

Investing In The Future of Mansfield and Ashfield

Here is how NTU can help

We’re committed to helping both new start-ups and SMEs to grow and develop their businesses; whatever challenge you are facing, we can help.

There are many ways we help you to grow, commercialise ideas and develop new and improved products and services. Through our working with your project, eligible SMEs in the East Midlands can benefit from consultancy, advice, workshops, access to facilities, funded support, information about grant and finance opportunities and student and graduate placements


Our recruitment hub meets the changing skills needs of SMEs. First, we’ll provide a free assessment to help you identify your recruitment needs. We can then offer short and long placements and project roles, as well as links with potential graduate level employees and postgraduate students. We have a strong reputation for the excellence of our graduates and our emphasis on practical and vocational education makes our students an ideal choice for employers.

For more information click here: Nottingham Trent University Business Services or download the information leaflet here

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