The global pandemic is challenging business models and approaches to sustainable growth. Businesses are experiencing unprecedented levels of turbulence for many however, the drive to decarbonise and grow sustainably remains the focus of their business strategy. To help facilitate conversations and review opportunities in relation to the best way forward we would like to invite you to join our virtual event:

De-Carbonising your business and growing your business sustainably

Wednesday, 15 July 2020
10.00 – 12.15

This virtual event will share approaches to decarbonisation, as well as tools, techniques, and best practice across different sectors. A range of experts will share insights into the latest innovations in decarbonisation, strategies for sustainable growth, and highlight the business support currently available for SMEs including – energy efficiency grants.  We hope you can join us to share your experiences, network and learn new skills to support your business’ decarbonisation practices.
For more information about this virtual event or to book your place please click here

Upcoming delivery and live resources that may be of interest:

The Big Conversation, 7 July at 1 – 2pm
In challenging times, collaboration between organisations is especially important. It can help businesses to pivot, provide innovative ideas and create new opportunities. The first of our brand new webinar series will consider how the coronavirus pandemic has made it more important than ever to find alternative collaborative models that are more responsive, flexible and even virtual. The session hopes to bring inspirational ideas on how to overcome collaborative business challenges and seize new opportunities.
Join our expert panel from the University of Derby and the British Academy of Management to learn more about the impact of the pandemic on models of interfirm collaboration and understand how these models may change in the future. Book your place or find out more here.
Future-Fit Business Bytes
Are you ready to bounce back after the pandemic? Our bite-sized online series could be just what you need. These 90 minute sessions are led by Dr Fred Paterson, Associate Professor for Sustainable Business. The aim is to help you develop a plan of action to move forward in your business and ask any questions you may have about the process. Choose from the following:

  • #BuildBackBetter, 16 July: As difficult as it has been, the pandemic gives business leaders the opportunity to radically improve business models or shift the long-term strategic vision. Join Dr Fred Paterson as he explains the Three Horizons approach to ‘patterning hope’ – a simple tool with potentially profound implications for the future of your business.
  • A short introduction to the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, 23 July: The FutureFit Business Benchmark is an open source method that provides a structured route-map to address your company’s social and environmental challenges. This short session will help you decide if this approach can help your business #BuildBackBetter as we emerge from the global pandemic.
  • Building the business case for sustainability, 13 August: Getting buy-in from the Board, Financial Director or shareholders is a common sticking point for sustainability initiatives. Creating a persuasive business case is an important first step. This session will provide a series of useful pointers to set you on your way.
  • Is your business leadership fit for the post-Covid future? 27 August: In this session Dr Fred Paterson walks you through some of the latest thinking in business leadership and provides pointers to further reading and suggestions for practical activities that will help you become a better business leader

For more information on the speakers and details of the event, please visit our website.

Inspired Business Podcast 

Bringing you engaging and inspiring stories from across the Midlands business landscape and beyond – talking to a selection of guests we explore their business journey, discussing the issues affecting business and providing key insights from our guests for you to take away. We give you the opportunity to learn something new. Across the series, we will cover topics such as leadership, the environment, big data, performance sport and more. You can subscribe to Inspired Business on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts or Podbean.
As always if you would like to talk to us about any other challenges you are facing and how we might be able to support you, or your business please do get in touch – email [email protected] or call 0800 001 5500

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