A new campaign to help young people complete their schoolwork at home has been launched between Mansfield and Ashfield 2020, The Making It Industrial Heritage Trust (part of Concept 360) and Discover Ashfield.
As we have seen, many children were expected to rely on home access to the internet and digital devices in order to continue their education during the corona virus lockdown.
A proportion of these children come from homes where the only access to the internet is through the use of a smart phone connected to a mobile network. In some families this would mean that access to the internet is highly limited due to usage contracts.
Many of these children don’t have the correct devices to complete academic work on and are therefore falling behind.
How can you help?
The Making It Industrial Heritage Trust (part of concept 360) are launching the #makingITpossible campaign. Working with Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 and Discover Ashfield, the campaign aims to bridge the digital divide by providing much needed it resources to children and young people #makingITpossible. These organisations cannot do this alone, so this is a call to help for donations of money and IT equipment.
You can make a charitable donation hereor if you have any IT equipment that you could donate you can email [email protected]to discuss further.

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