A new survey has been launched to help a local transport operator understand what kind of service is needed in Mansfield. CT4N Charitable Trust is aware of the need for an affordable and accessible community transport service in Mansfield but is seeking feedback from individuals and organisations in the town so that it can secure sufficient funding and plan its future operations. 
“We know that transport in the Mansfield area can be a barrier to people accessing services and meeting up socially” said managing director Ian Combellack. “So we want to tailor our services to those at risk of being excluded. Transport is a vital factor in enabling people to get to work or college, to healthcare locations, and for shopping and making social contact.” 
Mansfield has significant levels of deprivation, using the Government’s own measure. More than half of the areas within Mansfield are among the top 30% most deprived in England. Ten of its areas fall within the top 10% of the whole of England. Non-profit community transport services have been proven to assist in the regeneration of deprived areas, increasing levels of accessibility and community cohesion, and aiding the work of local voluntary and community organisations. 
“Residents and community groups in these areas are likely to have a more acute need for accessible and low cost transport options,” said Ian. “And CT4N Charitable Trust aims to meet that demand. We would like to invite anyone from Mansfield to answer a few simple questions and we want to hear from individuals or community organisations who might be having transport difficulties.” 
That might mean that people can’t get to the places they need to at convenient times, buses or taxis might be too expensive, and people with mobility and sensory impairments who may struggle with getting into a vehicle in the first place. Another stark reality for Mansfield residents is lack of access to a car, which affects 25% of households, whereas in Nottinghamshire overall only 21% of households do not have a car. 
“Community transport can assist in all these cases”, said Ian, “and we are already working with a group of stakeholders in Mansfield including Mansfield CVS. We are currently considering funding options to hopefully enable a new service to be launched in Mansfield in the coming months.”
Any individual or organisation can participate in the survey which can be accessed on line here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CT4NMansfield. Alternatively anyone can contact CT4N Charitable Trust by email [email protected] or phone 01623 573800 if they prefer to speak to a member of staff directly. 
Further details about this project can also be found on our website www.ct4n.co.uk/charity/mansfield. 
“We would like to thank everyone in anticipation of their response and assure them that the survey will help us enormously”, said Ian. The survey will be open until Friday 13th August 2021. 

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