NTU Graduate Internship Scheme 2023

The Graduate Internship Scheme offers businesses from all corners of the UK, the opportunity to engage with one or more of Nottingham Trent University’s (NTU) Class of 2022 graduates, by hosting an 8-week internship.

You will access:

  • extra resource,
  • fresh ideas, and
  • an injection of new skills and knowledge.

In doing so, you will be offering our recent graduates a valuable internship opportunity to develop essential employability skills via a graduate level role.

Last year’s scheme was incredibly successful with over 280 internships taking place and a 93% approval rating from employers.

“The scheme is excellent. I feel it’s a win-win: the graduate gained experience, we gained valuable skills and a fresh perspective and could get some work completed which we could not have otherwise resourced” (Helen Puntha, Head of NTU Green Academy – 2022).

The Graduate Internship Scheme is open to organisations of any size or sector, offering a foundation for all businesses to build a sustainable recruitment pipeline. The entire internship is fully-funded by NTU, presenting a cost-effective way to explore how early careers talent can fit into your business. 

Many previous participants have used the scheme to explore how a graduate role can be embedded into their business, before extending the internship into a permanent role with the help of the NTU Employability team.

“The scheme is a fantastic support and provides crucial practical experience for graduates looking to navigate the market post university” (Pippa Routledge – GungHo Communications – 2022).

The recruitment process

The Employability Team will be on-hand throughout the process to support your experience by:

  • managing applications, shortlisting, interviewing and assessing all graduates,
  • matching graduates as closely as possible by using the information provided in your vacancy submission form.

NTU will fully fund the graduate’s salary for the duration of their internship (35 hours per week for 8 weeks) and you will undertake the role of the employer for the allotted period.

Dates and timescales

Graduate internships will commence in July. Due to the scale of the project, the start date is fixed and is unable to be changed.

Vacancy submission deadlineMatch process beginsInternship start dateEnd of internship
Wednesday 17 May 2023Monday 5 June 2023Monday 24 July 2023Friday 15 September 2023

Designing your vacancy

As part of the internship, you can choose to submit your own vacancy profile or select one of the role pro-forma’s that has already been created. Prepopulated roles include:

  • Finance Executive
  • HR Officer
  • Data Analyst
  • Automation Analyst
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Wellbeing Officer
  • Graphic and Multimedia Designer

We welcome roles from all industries. Graduates will be matched as closely as possible by using the information provided in your vacancy submission form. Please be aware that finding a suitable intern is dependent on the skillset of our available graduates so there is a chance that we may not find a match.

Get involved

To learn more about the Graduate Internship Scheme contact [email protected] or submit your vacancy details here.  

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