County Battery Services improve their customer service every day, they can do this because they have developed a strong lean culture.
Toyota have been practicing Lean for 70 years and believe that 96% of EVERYTHING they do is waste. Employees at County Battery Services staff are trained to see and eliminate waste, this results in better customer service, more profit, better cashflow, faster turnaround times and most importantly happy staff!
County Battery Services train, empower and develop their team in a daily morning meeting. All staff take part in a monthly “Lean Pathway” (in which employees are helped to achieve their goals) both for personal and business.
County Battery Services believe that developing people will make the world a better place, so they focus on this every day.
County Battery Services offers tours to anybody that wants to learn about lean, people have come from all over the world, America, Europe and even Nigel Farage has been for a tour.


County Battery Services regularly host guests as well as touring other Lean companies to exchange lean culture ideas and learnings. As a company we have vastly developed adopting Lean culture and we can show and share our ideas with you when you visit us. Any organisation, individual trader, college or students are welcome to visit and tour County Battery Services.


If you are a company and want to have a look at how County Battery Services operate on day to day basis please fill in your details by clicking this form to book a tour and learn more about our Lean culture.
You can also book in Lean Tours by emailing Richard Fuller : [email protected] or call us on 01623757377.
If you wish to invite us to visit your company, feel free to ring us on 01623757377 or email Isaac Fuller – [email protected]

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