Why do we need to do stretches at work?
Here at Health on Hand in St. Johns Street, our Chiropractors are seeing an increasing number of patients who have sedentary jobs and who are suffering from a range of issues from low back aches, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and tennis elbow.  These patients are feeling the effects of poor posture, prolonged sitting, poor ergonomics and essentially, lack of movement.
When we sit for long periods our muscles start to tense up due to lack of stretching and reduced blood flow.  Some of our muscles can become overused, for example our forearm muscles whilst typing, which can lead to tennis elbow.  Desk workers also suffer the effects of compressed joints in the neck and upper back, especially from a poor posture, causing pain and stiffness and occasionally headaches.
Regular stretching exercises can help keep the muscles supple, improve mobility of the joints, aid circulation and can help to prevent aches and pains.  Below are some examples of stretches you can try, most people find them to be very effective! If you are currently experiencing some pain or discomfort, I would suggest seeking advice before attempting these.
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