Thursday July 2nd saw the first of our virtual digital transformation workshops. Chris Morledge delivered a fantastic presentation around why businesses need to embrace the move to digital to ensure they are meeting customer needs and expectations.
Many of the giant organisations such as Amazon and Uber have impacted on customer expectations and as a result, smaller businesses are losing out. Business owners may feel that they can’t compete due to budget constraints, however, Chris demonstrated that there are digital tools out there that we are probably already using that can be utilised to create a seamless experience and increase efficiency. Take a look at this blog to find out where you may not realise you could be a busy fool due to the power of technology.
If you would like to find out more about how Chris could support you with the digital transformation process then take a look at his website.
One of the digital tools often underutilised within a business is Microsoft 365 and our next workshop on Wednesday July 15th will see members receiving guidance and knowledge around the licenses and functions within this product that can be used to make our lives simpler and give us back some of that precious resource: time. Mark Cawar of the Feather Partnership will be introducing us to Sharepoint and Teams which are just the first of the tools to help you on your journey to increased efficiency.
Finally, on Thursday 23rd July, we will hold another workshop that will allow you to understand how digital automation can fit within your marketing and customer attraction/retention strategies, whether product or service based, and that it really doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to implement. Xposure were able to get a bricks and mortar watch repairer online and working again with 4 weeks of the COVID situation forcing them to close their doors. As you can imagine this has made a huge difference to the survival of their business.
All of these workshops can be found on our events page, there you will find all of the details and links to book your place.

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