This is the first event in a series of three events to be run during July to help get your business online. 
The majority of people are constantly connected to the internet via their smartphone, laptop, desktop, and any other “smart” or technological items. If they spend most of their time online, this is where you want to be!  If you aren’t meeting your customers where they are…online…another company will. If your processes can’t deliver on your customers expectations, then another, more efficient company will!
Digital transformation is not new, large companies have been using it for years. As a result, our customers have had their expectations raised and we need to be able to deliver.
Who remembers Blockbuster? HMV? Giant retailers that were household names…both have been replaced by digital alternatives due to advancement in technology.
Perhaps you have been impressed by the efficient processes of another company? Online ordering that allows you to track delivery in real time or a company that has really smooth customer service through the use of online chat services?
The digital tools used by large organisations to wow their customers are perfectly accessible for small businesses too.
Imagine filling a customers details into one form that automatically populates all of the relevant fields in multiple forms with the click of one button? Or being able to track the progress of a customers order form production through to delivery as it happens?
The trouble is, there are so many apps and tools out there, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you and how much should something like this cost?
Chris Morledge from EduTrips has the answers! Chris has a varied background in I.T systems and can advise you on a very neutral basis. He won’t try and sell you what he can do but rather help you understand the tools that are available and whether they will work for you.
Join him on this interactive session to find out why you should incorporate a digital strategy in your future business plans and more importantly, how you can make this work without it having to break the bank!
The event will be held on July 2nd at 9.00am via Zoom and is free to attend.

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