DIY is not only a way to save money, it increases the value of your home. But if you are like the majority of ‘DIY’ers’, the jobs you are doing are likely to be far removed from your normal daily activities. This is the main reasons why so many DIY enthusiasts suffer aches and pains.
Working with your arms above your head, stooping or reaching, whilst carrying heavy objects, can make you susceptible to low back pain. In addition, working in confined spaces, such as under a sink, can put your back at risk.
Chiropractor Thomas Jeppesen, from Health on Hand Mansfield, on St John St., says “Most back pain caused by DIY is due to the unaccustomed and prolonged stretching of ligaments and tendons in the back. If this strain continues, it can lead to a gradual loss of support in the spine, causing sprains, irritations and spasms that can refer pains to other parts of the body”
Whilst chiropractors are always available to help ease those DIY pains, they much prefer that their patients try to take precautions. Here are a few guidelines to help you prevent those injuries.

  • Lifting and carrying: Always bend your knees and hold the load close to your body.
  • Kneeling: kneel on one leg rather than bending from the hips.
  • Workbench levels: Must be at such a height that you don’t have to bend from the hips. Always place one foot slightly higher than the other foot e.g. on a block/step.

4   Varying the tasks: Avoid repetitive movements to prevent sprains and strains.

  • Keep warm: Cold muscles are more easily strained.
  • Rest periods: Don’t work beyond your capacity.

If you exercise and keep fit generally, you’ll be in much better shape for tackling those DIY jobs.
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