Good Work offers employment support to people who have employment, education or training goals and face barriers in achieving these goals. This service is a totally free, voluntary service and is flexible around the needs of the individual concerned. The person must be willing to participate in our offered service and be able to make informed decisions. Our service is totally confidential and built around what the individual would like to be disclosed and to whom.

The services we offer are group into three areas:

Identifying and addressing any potential barriers these individuals may face in gaining employment or moving closer to the labour market – such as the use of Employment Specialist support to work with beneficiaries to identify barriers to employment, working with and connecting individuals to the most appropriate services throughout the employment journey.

Raising aspirations, supporting individuals for employment support, jobs and find sustainable employment – such as providing holistic support to address the long-term barriers to employment including, but not limited to, support for alcohol and drugs interventions, skills for life such as timekeeping, confidence building and, employability support, including work experience, CV writing or interview preparation.

Supporting people to gain the basic skills they need to develop their potential for sustainable work – such as English, Maths, Digital and English for Speakers of Other Languages skills and training courses. Other suitable provision could include support intended to develop communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

To be eligible to take part in our service, the potential customer must live within the Bassetlaw, Mansfield and Newark and Sherwood Council boundaries.

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