Why is Environment and Net Zero one of our themes?

  • There is a government commitment to move to a net zero emissions economy – The Paris Agreement 2019
  • We are pre-empting some of the regulatory changes which may come our way – Environment Act 2021; EPC ratings for the letting of commercial properties.
  • Recycling is perceived as an issue by many businesses.
  • Being more attuned to the environmental and sustainability agenda can save us money.
  • It’s the right thing to do…

What is Net Zero?

Carbon neutrality is a state of net zero carbon dioxide emissions. This can be achieved by reducing emissions, most of which come from the burning of fossil fuels, and by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Find out more about Net Zero Week

Net Zero Week 2023 (1st – 7th July 2023) is an HM Government and industry-backed week aimed at helping businesses and consumers become net zero and unlock the benefits.

For more details visit: https://netzeroweek.com/#/

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Other sources of information

Free training and courses available

Vision West Nottinghamshire College offer a range of free courses aimed at helping business find out more about environmental issues and sustainability:https://www.wnc.ac.uk/Courses/Search-results.aspx?q=greenskills&fbclid=IwAR2PY29HwMrKuuUanI18Ukq8bXM-wxgsviubMeMJqImzmmBUeUvNwqt6f1E

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