NBV Enterprise Solutions have launched a new programme Evolve Digital, designed for small family business leaders who are looking to explore how digital technology can enhance their business to improve productivity and create a sustainable future. The fully funded online programme is delivered over 3 months (approx. 12 hours per month) and provides business leaders with the leadership capabilities required to explore the potential that new technologies may bring to their business, to remain competitive and meet the needs of the next generation.
The programme will equip leaders of family businesses with the tools and techniques they need to enhance their leadership skills and boost their confidence when it comes to assessing and adopting technology. (Please note that this programme is not about specific digital technologies or products, it is about taking a strategic overview of business and how utilising digital technologies will improve productivity)
This programme forms part of a national research study which will inform evolving UK government policy on the needs of small family businesses. Evaluation will take place throughout the programme and delegates will be contacted as part of this study.
How it works
Successful applicants will be randomly allocated to one of two offerings. Business leaders will either take part in an online interactive cohort, where they will benefit from being part of a peer learning group with sessions led by business experts or they will have access to an online platform which hosts a series of practical materials, including toolkits, relevant articles and other information, which take them through a self-directed learning journey to evolve their business.
What’s included
Both offerings include the same content: –
Setting the strategic context – Explore technological / digital futures and identify your current business direction towards digital technology. Develop strategic objectives to drive digitalisation for your business.
Identifying digitalisation opportunities – Establish where value is lost in the business and identify where digitalisation can enhance and add value.
Digitalisation in action – Develop a sprint project to test ideas and break down barriers to adopt digital technology in the business.
Leading towards technological change – Develop a change management framework to engage staff in implementing digitalisation.
What kind of businesses are we looking for?

small family business with at least 2 family members in the business
– businesses who are at an early stage of adoption of digital technology (may only have one or two technologies being used in thebusiness) or have purchased digital systems but not used them. Below is a list of possible digital technologies. Please note that we do not mean social media tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social or Tweetdeck etc.

  • accountancy software
  • e-commerce transactions
  • payment technologies, such as e-invoicing
  • cloud based
  • customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • supply chain management (SCM) software
  • HR management systems (HRM) software
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (which can include CRM, SCM, HRM, finance, purchasing and so on)

— Looking to develop confidence on identifying where value could be added within the business by adopting digital technology
Which businesses are eligible?

  • Small family business
  • From any business sector, employing 2 – 50 people
  • Business has been operational for at least one year
  • Participant must be a leader or owner/manager of business
  • Early stage of digital adoption

How would businesses access the programme?

  • Businesses should register their interest via the website nbv.co.uk/evolvedigital and Glen Starbuck, Business Adviser, will then contact the business to discuss the programme, eligibility and application process.
  • Or businesses can apply direct by completing the application form on the NBV website.
  • An online application form will need to be completed and verified by NBV.
  • Successful applicants will then be allocated to one of the two groups and supplied with the timetable/dates.

Other information:
The cohort for this programme will start in mid-May and run for 3 months.

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