In line with Nottingham Trent University’s continued effort to expand our portfolio of degree apprenticeships, September 2018 will see the launch of a number of new apprenticeships in the field of digital and technology solutions.
An emerging area of importance, digital and technology solutions spans the majority of industries and sectors. NTU’s degree apprenticeships will equip your staff with the technical, business, project, interpersonal and behavioural skills and knowledge to operate effectively in the digital economy, and drive innovation within your business.
Why should you choose NTU as your training partner?
Since 2015 we’ve established a reputation for providing high-quality apprenticeship programmes to over sixty employers. As well as academic excellence, NTU offers employers a number of other benefits, including:

  • course content tailored to your specific business needs
  • help recruiting your apprentice
  • free mentor training to help you support your apprentice
  • an assigned tutor for your apprentice
  • at least two workplace visits throughout the duration of the apprenticeship.
What’s on offer?
Higher and degree apprenticeships are classified by levels, ranging from 4 to 7. These levels reflect the equivalent qualification attributed to that apprenticeship, with Level 6 (equivalent to a Bachelors degree) and Level 7 (a Masters qualification) currently being the most common on offer at NTU.
As of September 2018, NTU will be offering the following digital and technology related apprenticeships:
Level 6 Digital and Technology Solutions Professional
This four-year apprenticeship leads to a BSc Honours degree qualification in one of the following specialisms:

  • software engineering
  • data analysis
  • cyber security
  • network engineering

Modules will be taught through block release, with six weeks of block release in each of the three years of study, and three weeks in the final year.
Level 7 Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist
Equivalent to a Masters-level degree in Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist, this degree apprenticeship allows apprentices to deepen their technical understanding around the subject of data analytics.
This course is studied over two years and comprises of three ‘data analytics’ modules focusing on the technical and applied mathematical aspects of big data systems.

Who is an apprenticeship aimed at? 
A common misconception associated with apprenticeships is that they are developed specifically for school leavers. In actual fact, there’s no upper age limit for an apprenticeship.
Employers can choose to hire a new employee, or up-skill an existing staff member. All that is required for someone to undertake an apprenticeship is that they must:

  • be at least 16 years old
  • meet the qualification criteria required to study the course
  • have the right to work in England
  • be based at a workplace in England.
Pay, fees and funding
Degree apprenticeship training fees are covered by an apprentice’s employers, with funding also available from the government. This funding can only be used for training, and cannot be used to pay for accommodation, travel costs or wages for an apprentice. An apprentice must also be paid at least the National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage.
Whether you’re a levy-paying organisation or not, we can offer you support and guidance on fees and funding. For more information visit our employer apprenticeship hub.

Find out more  
If you’re interested in partnering with NTU for your degree apprenticeships, contact our dedicated Apprenticeship team to find out more.Apprenticeship team
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