Two free support events for carers are set to be delivered in Ashfield.

Ashfield District Council’s Health and Wellbeing Team and Nottinghamshire County Council have worked in partnership to develop the events which are set to come to, Kirkby Market Place on 21July and Hucknall Market Place on 3 August.

The events will be held in local communities and have been designed, prepared and produced by carers, for carers.

The events start at 10am and attendees will be able to find information and support on subjects like:

  • Local carer services and support
  • Talk to carers, service providers and service planners
  • Find out about rights and benefits
  • Meet other carers and share experiences
  • Share your views

The Council’s Executive Lead for Leisure, Health and Wellbeing, Chris Huskinson said: “The Council’s Health and Wellbeing Team has worked closely with Nottinghamshire County Council to bring these events to Ashfield. The Council recognises that often the first step in finding support is knowing what is available and where to go to access services. The events are designed to answer these questions so any carers who need some support are encouraged to come along and speak to one of our partners.”

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