West Nottinghamshire College is launching a range of free courses for adults in Nottinghamshire to boost their numeracy skills.

Multiply is a new government-funded programme designed to help adults to improve their maths knowledge and skills which could assist with progress at work, new job opportunities or taking advanced levels of training, managing their money better or simply helping their children with their maths schoolwork.

Government statistics suggest that a staggering 17 million adults – 49% of the working-age population of England – only have maths skills equivalent to those of primary school children.

Adults in the Nottinghamshire area, who feel they need support with their numeracy skills, can take advantage of flexible free courses being offered by the college which include sessions on making your money go further with maths skills, improving confidence with numeracy, ESOL maths for those whose first language isn’t English, flexible maths study and warm space social sessions which include fun maths-based activities with refreshments provided.

The same modules can be tailored for employers in the Nottinghamshire region to help to upskill their workforce in maths. The same eligibility will apply, but a range of bespoke programmes can be provided.

More information about the programmes for both the public and employers, together with details of how to book, can be found on the website at www.wnc.ac.uk/multiply.

Adult and community learning manager Peter Rowley said: “This is a great opportunity for adults in the area who may have struggled at school with maths and have gone on to feel that working with numbers is a barrier in life.

“These short programmes will gently introduce them to typical maths and numeracy challenges that people can often struggle with. They will be delivered at a pace which will encourage individuals to become much more confident when dealing with their home finances, dealing with numbers in the workplace and can even lead to people taking up more studies in the future.

“Our staff are ready to help people to build their confidence to embrace maths, with no exams to sit and just like-minded people all learning together.”

Multiply courses are completely free to all Nottinghamshire adults aged 19 or over on 31 August 2022 who don’t already have a Grade 4/C GCSE maths qualification or equivalent and wish to improve their maths skills.

Adults who successfully complete these courses do not receive a formal qualification but can progress onto Functional Skills or GCSE maths qualifications with the college.

Individuals or businesses who want to find out more should call 01623 413602 or email [email protected]

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