Free workshop for members.  Harness the Power of Pictures for your Business at The Ingenuity Centre, University of Nottingham Innovation Park.
Following his breakfast talk on Tuesday 5th June, Dr Mark Rawlinson will be delving deeper into the theme of ‘The Power of Pictures’ at this full day workshop. Delegates are welcome to register for both of these events, however, each event will work in isolation and attendance at one is not a prerequisite for attendance at the other. The breakfast event will provide an initial overview and taster of the theme, whereas the workshop will look more closely at how this can be applied to your business.
Images play a huge role in business communication, so we have to be confident that our chosen imagery actually communicates our core or chosen message. This is by no means straightforward because it raises lots of further issues about the choice of certain types of image, the use of text with imagery, as well as notions of design and aesthetics.
To address these challenges in this workshop, we will consider several examples and explore why some were successful and others rather less so. The trouble with images is that they mean different things, to different people, at different times. Constructing brand identity is therefore equally tricky and with this in mind, we will cover the following four things:

  1. Consider a few important ideas about images from art history
  2. Look at the ways in which images are used to share to create interest and brand identity
  3. Unpick a few advertising campaigns and ask how and why they were (or were not) successful
  4. Consider how this can be applied to yourbusiness

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