Two local business owners have joined forces to aid other local businesses having benefited from working together and supporting one another’s businesses during the pandemic.
Himesh Patel (Brass Monkey bar in Nottingham and Trebles bar in Lincoln) and Katie Cooper-Lewis (The Musketeers Limited and #WeMakeICTPossible) have launched Grace Consultancy (Midlands) Limited to provide tailored support to local businesses starting up, looking to expand or needing assistance with a particular goal or project.
The dynamic duo has each been successful in their fields of business and have 25 years combined experience. However, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, they found together was better than individual and found strength in each other’s advice, support, and knowledge to keep their businesses running; the pair also had friends who ran their own businesses coming to them for the same assistance.
Katie says “Himesh and I have always supported each other’s business ventures and respected our different approaches. We always said if the right venture came along, we’d go into business together. The pandemic greatly affected our businesses but in combining our resources, we were able to keep our businesses going and in that came along the right venture. I have long advocated for supporting local businesses but now with the partnership Himesh and I have created at Grace Consultancy, we can provide a stronger and wider provision of support to Mansfield and Ashfield businesses – and it could not be more crucial that local businesses see the positives of coming together with the pandemic still ongoing”.
Himesh says “One of our key messages to existing businesses is ‘Don’t restart, transform’ – Katie and I have seen the benefit of looking at our businesses from each other’s perspectives and the pandemic is a great opportunity for businesses to reflect and adapt but businesses need help to do this. As Katie mentions, her and I do have very different approaches to business but that is Grace Consultancy’s niche. The amalgamation of our strengths, which are the other’s gaps, has meant we can offer a unique business support provision and we have seen that formula work with our own businesses and friends’. I agree with Katie, this is the right venture for us and for us to do together. And for those looking to start their business, if you think you’ve got the right venture, take the leap like Katie and I are doing – and again Grace Consultancy will help you do this”.
To jump aboard and to find out more, contact Himesh and Katie on 07803 533 543 or via [email protected] and set your business compass today.

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