Google Analytics enables you to turbocharge your digital marketing, helping you understand where your website traffic comes from, which of your marketing activities are working and which aren’t, and how well your website generates new customers for your business.  Join us for this one hour training webinar during which we run through the elements of Google Analytics that are most useful for small businesses.

Introduction to Google Analytics

11th January at 10am  £30 (inc VAT)

  • Installing Google Analytics on your website
  • Understanding the audience for your website
    • How many visitors is your site getting?
    • Where in the world do your visitors come from?
    • What devices do people use to view your site?
  • Where your visitors are coming from
    • How do people find your site?
    • Which of your marketing activities generates the most traffic to your site?
  • How people behave when they’re on your site
    • Which pages do they arrive on and leave from?
    • How long do they spend on your site?
    • Which pages hold their attention and which do not?
  • Tracking how your website traffic converts into customers for your business
    • What counts as a conversion for your business?
    • How can you track conversions in Google Analytics?

Places are just £30 per person (inc VAT) but numbers are limited so book now to secure yours.

This webinar focuses on Google’s Universal Analytics product rather than on its new Google Analytics 4 interface. If you already have Google Analytics running on your site then it’s likely that you’ll be running Universal Analytics. If you are setting up from scratch then you have the choice of opting for either Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4. In this webinar we’ll be showing you how to install Universal Analytics. If you’re not sure which version of Google Analytics you’re using or whether the webinar is right for you just drop us a note and we can advise you.


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