It’s Bev here from the News Journal, on behalf of the team I’d like to wish you and yours a very healthy, happy & prosperous 2022.

At the end of 2020 we rebranded the Mansfield & Ashfield News Journal to include our sister paper The Sherwood. This is big news for our readers and customers, old and new; it brings the news from right across the area in the one place.

The same Mansfield, Ashfield & Sherwood News Journal is delivered right across the area, with a distribution figure of 18,200 and a readership of 45,500, more than any other media in this area and an incredible amount of people to showcase your business or service to. You’ll be reaching far more people with NO rate increase for our advertisers.

The best kind of marketing isn’t the biggest and most expensive advertisement – a small advert seen in the same place regularly will work far better for your business. People may not need your services when they see your advertising, they need to remember you when they do!

Things you can advertise in the NJ

  • Your Services
  • Your Brand
  • Recruitment
  • Motors
  • For Sale
  • Wanted
  • Houses for sale
  • What’s on

‘I’m too busy, I don’t need to advertise’.

Good business is business that comes in regularly, advertising when you’re not busy is the wrong time to advertise, it’s firefighting! If you must tell potential customers there will be a wait – you’re also telling them that you’re good and worth waiting for. A full order book is the desired result of everyone’s marketing.

You can advertise your business or service in the NJ for as little as £7.20 per month. ROP advertising can be expensive, we’ve come up with a fantastic 12-month marketing plan for you, that’s incredibly cost effective.

Your total annual spend will be just £726. I’ll divide that £726 x 12 and invoice you just £60.50 every month. You will have to sign up for 12 months to get this rate. If you were booking this package as normal advertising the cost to you would be £1175.60 – so it’s well worth doing. A massive saving of just under £500 and you won’t get a large invoice every month! ROP advertising is supported with a full digital package FOC – if there’s a time when your order book is a little light, we’ll give you an extra digital boost. 

Drop me an email for full details [email protected]

Let’s kick 2022 off in good style! Looking forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to keep sending your news to [email protected] 

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