Feeding Ashfield is a network of local food banks, food clubs, allotments and other organisations working collaboratively with the aim of providing improved access to food and educational opportunities throughout the district. 

Services available

Food Banks

There are several Food Banks distributing food parcels within the Ashfield District. Residents typically need a referral to access support from food banks, however local food banks will support you in gaining a referral should you need it.

Find a food bank near you on our interactive map.

Food Clubs

Food clubs help to reduce food waste by offering residents good quality food at a low cost. You do not need to be referred to a food club as many food clubs are open to all, however it is a good idea to check the joining criteria of your nearest food club as some are only available to families with young children.

You can find out more about the locations of food clubs in Ashfield on our interactive map.

How to get involved

If you would like to donate to or volunteer at any of the food banks, food clubs or community allotments, find their locations on the interactive map.

Interactive map

To find the locations of food banks, food clubs or community allotments, use our interactive map.

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