Smart cities are evolving to improve living, working, recreational and visiting experiences for people.  However each city/town has different needs and challenges, and smart solutions exist in abundance to address the needs and create benefits for a variety of stakeholder groups. There is no single definition of a Smart City and no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Glasgow for example has  a strong focus on the citizen experience, especially on safety,  whereas Nottingham has invested heavily in smart energy solutions working towards a zero carbon target.
Mansfield District Council want to know: what challenges do Mansfield businesses of all types face and how can smart technology help? What can be done to create meaningful benefits for your businesses as stakeholders in Mansfield?
Transport; connectivity; information and data; accessibility; safety; for example are areas that can be managed, improved and influenced by smart technology.  By selecting the right solutions for implementation, businesses of all types can benefit, but we need to be clear on the collective challenges faced.
Please join us for a discussion to ensure your views and opinions are considered regarding the challenges and the potential solutions!!

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