From beginning at Zero to Pet Industry Heroes

A puppy marketplace has seen tremendous growth thanks to Mansfield-based digital marketing agency Copper Bay Digital. In their first 2 years, they’ve gone from zero to over 210,000 monthly website users.

And that’s all without considering the impact this had on their revenue. They’ve consistently been seeing over 146% higher income than their ad spend. This skyrocketed to 420% higher when their PPC campaigns were adapted to cater to modern search.

How Copper Bay did it

Since Forever Puppy’s launch, Copper Bay has created a high-converting website and easy-to-use mobile app, organised paid ads campaigns, implemented social media marketing, created SEO-optimised content and adopted email marketing strategies. 

Tips for how your business can use marketing to do the same (will extend points below)

  1. It all starts with a good website

Even if your marketing is fantastic, a poor website will always let you down. Some key things to make sure of are that it looks good and represents the brand, is easy to use, and loads quickly. 

  1. Always optimise website content for SEO

If you aren’t doing this then you’re missing out. You can do this by incorporating relevant keywords and meta tags to significantly improve your chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

  1. Using branded content to promote your business

Using branded content across your marketing will help drive higher brand recall and improve your brand awareness efforts. It also helps to keep all of your content looking professional and consistent. 

  1. Trial modern-search strategies with your paid ads

Trial modern search strategies with your paid ads to stay ahead of the competition and maximise your advertising efforts. You can do this by allowing Google Ads to optimise and inform your keyword strategies. It often highlights words that you might not think are relevant, however, they lead to conversions. 

  1. Creating a Community on social media

Having a loyal audience is hugely important on social media. Making your followers feel like they’re part of a community will not only increase engagement but brand loyalty as a whole. You can do this by fostering genuine connections, engaging with your audience regularly, and providing valuable content that resonates with them.

  1. Consider using an app to offer your customers convenience

With 93% of UK adults owning a mobile phone, it’s a good idea to consider having a mobile app. It not only offers your customers convenience, but it’s also a great way to build up brand visibility by getting your brand’s logo onto their screens. 

  1. Use marketing automation to nurture leads

Marketing automation is a great way to take the pressure off of your marketing teams. You can use marketing automation to nurture new leads with engaging email content until they’re ready to convert. And all it takes is the time to set it up and then monitor it to make sure it’s working effectively. 

  1. How to use email marketing to stay in your audience’s minds

Not everybody will be ready to buy the first time they interact with your brand. But that doesn’t mean they’ll never buy from you. So using email marketing is a great way to keep your business in their minds until they’re ready to commit to purchasing. 

  1. The power of remarketing

Remarketing is where you display ads to people who have visited your website but not converted. This is another great way to keep you in their minds until they’re ready to buy. Retargeting those website users can increase conversion rates by up to 150%!

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