What impact is COVID19 having on your business decisions?

The entire business community has been hit by COVID 19! Some are thriving while others are barely surviving. Whichever one you fall in line with – one thing is for sure – we won’t be running our business or our homes the same ever again!
We are more aware of our wastage and focused on making positive changes. One of those changes might be to reduce or stop your marketing costs. And many have even said – ‘now is not the time to sell’.
But do take this opportunity to make your business succeed like never before! Of course, acknowledge the reality of what COVID19 is doing to your business but take this time to set yourself up to thrive!

Take this time to see this economic winter as an opportunity!

If you are looking to reduce or reallocate your marketing costs a good one to start with is your content marketing. Many organisation are already using content marketing as their primary sales tool as they can see similar or better results when compared to traditional marketing (that costs a whole lot more).

So why is content marketing that important?

A well-written content brings value to your audience and customers. Value-added to your audience creates a call to action giving, you the opportunity to convert a sale.
But creating ideas and relevant content is easier said than done right?
If you are wondering where to start with your content marketing strategy, then I’ve put together a free content mapping guide to help get you started and stay ahead of the competition.
This free content mapping template and guide includes:

  • Help in creating your buyer personas to get more insight into your audience
  • Determine the information needs for the customer journey to make an action
  • Map content to your buyer personas and their lifecycle styles.
  • Use the content map to plan to create content that will create an action (in other words, create sales!!)

Every piece of content you create for your business should be an answer to a question of your audience. But an oversight by many businesses is not understanding their audience (buyer personas) and the different kinds of people that form your audience. And, as they travel along their customer journey, in each buying stage their questions will change.
This free download template I have created will help you distinguish the multiple personas and their lifecycle stages so you can start adding structure to your content marketing and start getting better results and closer to your business goals.
This can be used for every piece of content you create, albeit for your website, social media, emails, adverts etc.
It’s time to start increasing your sales, retaining your customers and engage customer long term!
Download your free content mapping template for businesses today and please do not hesitate to shout for help and Contact me. We are in this together and one by one we will rebuild our economy.

Download Your Free Content Mapping Template

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