2020 Patron – News Journal has asked us to share this fantastic offer with all of our members:
Our Road Map back to a “new normal” begins at Easter and the journey continues through until September.
In April 2014 the News Journal began bringing just the GOOD news to Mansfield and Ashfield. 7 years later and despite a terrible year on every level for every family and every business we continue to share all the GOOD news with over 56,000 local readers and on-line subscribers.
We are all desperate to reach the “new normal”, whatever that’s going to be. One thing’s certain, we will bounce back. Make sure you are part of that recovery process by promoting your business in the News Journal, a truly local paper produced by local people for local people and local businesses.
Take advantage of our 7th anniversary “Grab an Advert for £1” campaign that begins on the 1st of April. It’s no joke, you really can reach out to more local homes than any other local media for just ONE POUND.
And now our print and digital offer is better than ever.
Our 7th anniversary issue is out soon. You can start to bounce back right now. There is still time to “Grab an Advert for a £1”.
Bookings close on 31st March. Simply call 01623 707017 or e-mail [email protected] today.
PS: book an advert this month and the same offers will be available to your business right through to our September issue.

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