Russell writes:
This morning we were reminded why if you need the best advice, you go to people who know what they are talking about, and who have a vision for themselves and for your business.
Rod Fuller of Action Coach Mansfield kindly sponsored the meeting and was challenged to explain just how you can in his words increase your profit by 61%.
It seemed such a hard thing to do but when he set out his advices and the steps to get there, it became so much easier to see how it could be done.
Rod was clear in  his advices and even states that he will guarantee that if you follow the steps he agrees with you,  you will recover his fee and more by the end of the project.
Our first lesson was delivered brilliantly by Rod in why everything always seems easier when undertaken by experts.
The New Principal at Vision West Notts College is Andrew Cropley and he kindly attended the meeting and gave us the good news about the turnaround in the College and its Vision and where they were .
Advising that they had sought and been granted additional funding in supplying apprenticeships to  our business, he set out their Vision for working with businesses and how to deliver our new work force, and to tailor them to our needs.

Finally, Gavin Turnbull from AAG IT gave a very insightful insight into the perils of poor planning with IT and especially against cyber attacks, using humour to put the point over clearly and easily.
All in all, a fantastic way to start the morning and a great way to motivate yourself  for the second half of the year.

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