Over the past 18 months, Nottinghamshire County Council has helped 62 businesses (representing nearly 3,000 employees) with their travel and transport! Funding for the project closes in March 2020, so don’t miss out on the FREE services the scheme provides, including:

  • Travel Grants up to £25,000 – to spend on showers, changing facilities, cycle parking, electric vehicle charging points etc.
  • Employee Health checks – providing a free health MOT
  • Bicycle maintenance sessions
  • Public Transport taster tickets
  • Travel information – including walking and cycle maps, bus timetables and information on car sharing
  • And much more – search nottinghamshire.gov.uk/travelchoice to learn more about the services provided.

All the services offered are provided free of charge, and the Travel Choice team run the events for you. Many businesses across Mansfield have taken advantage of the scheme to tackle parking issues, make their site more accessible, help staff get healthier and more active, as well as contribute to their CSR objectives.
To get involved please contact Georgina Carpenter on [email protected] or 0799 0073 814

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